Edward Tyler - Legal Services: Other - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Edward Tyler - Legal Services: Other - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Edward Tyler Legal Services: Other

Edward is the Deputy Principal Government Counsel for The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, a government body utilizing a Prosecutions, Civil, Legal Policy, Law Drafting and International Law Divisions to assist the Secretary for Justice.

After completing a formal education Edward continued to develop a diverse professional history spanning more five decades. After being called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn and taking Bar exams in London, Edward became a pupil barrister with a well known Chancery barrister with an esoteric practice for a year. Realizing that he could not survive in London with a wife and child, Edward decided to try again in Liverpool in 1963.

He completed another year's pupillage with the then doyen of the Northern Circuit Chancery Bar and started out on his own account. Edward recalls, "It was very slow and I started teaching simply to earn some money. Also in those days young barristers were advised to write law books to get known, so I took on the editorship of the leading book on Mortgage Law and wrote/edited other books." 

By that time, Edward had built up a reasonably successful practice when he was asked to join a law firm in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, where he had lived for a year before returning to England for his studies. He was in Hobart from 1978 to 1985, when he got the Chair at HKU.

His post with the HK Government is reasonably new. Retiring as a Chair Professor in Law at the Law Faculty, City University of Hong Kong, in 2003, Edward went back home to Tasmania, Australia for his retirement. Joining the HKSARG as a legal expert in 2007, at the age of 69, Edward helped on a project with the preparation of a new Companies Ordinance. He had taught and written on Company Law in HK for nearly 20 years and presumably got the job because of his expertise in the area.

Edward's success is compiled of the fact that he has managed involvement with reasonable success in several aspects of the Law; Legal Practitioner in England, (as a barrister and holding several public offices, eg Part-Time Immigration Appeals Adjudicator) and Australia (as a Partner in a law firm in a fused profession, involved with the local Law Society and appointed as Conveyancing Counsel to the Supreme Court of Tasmania): while academically Edward came to Hong Kong in 1985 as only the 3rd Chair Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong), District Judge in Hong Kong from 1991-1994 and since the early 1960's as author and editor of several well known legal texts with involvement in Law Reporting and Publishing.

When asked about his accomplishments, Edward shares they were "in relation to Law Reform, with involvement in Law Reform bodies in Tasmania and Hong Kong, and now with the Companies Ordinance Rewrite in Hong Kong."

When Edward eventually decides to retire again he states he will return to Tasmania, but keep some connection with the Law there and with Hong Kong. Currently, Edward serves as a specialist in Law Reform and New Company Law, extending specific expertise to hone in on Companies Ordinance Rewrite. 


Law reform, new company law


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